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New Design Protection Service

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Your new product is ready to go to market.  But how long before your design is copied and marketed by a competitor here or in Asia? Today this costs companies millions in lost revenues and profits. 

Right now all your competitor needs do is look at your PCB board, view the components you've used, and they have your bill of materials – simple as that.

Lewmax now have a solution that offers protection against this ongoing problem.

Developed over two years, our bespoke laser systems can now completely remove all evidence of the original component device number / markings and replace these with your own part number / logo in almost any font or style.

In our example here on the left, we've used our lasers to completely remove all traces of the markings  '24LC16B S/N' and replace these with our own number 'LMAX01234'.  Google search the 24LC16B and you'll be presented with pages of information and data for this device.  Now try and Google search an 'LMAX01234' and you'll find no information at all.

Now a competitor views components on your PCB that are unfamiliar to him that cannot be identified. This makes trying to copy your design virtually impossible. Increased revenues for you, increased profits in the knowledge your design is safe.

For more information on how we can help you protect your PCB contact us on




Buy Programmed Microcontrollers

Our electronic components supply proudly supports our existing customers with a full range of microcontrollers. When you buy your Microcontrollers with Lewmax, you could qualify for free device programming!




Programming Services

We design & build our own programming machines allowing us to provide a more flexible service. We stock our own socket modules, providing you with cost effective programming solutions as well as bespoke programming methods that are unavailable using industry standard programming machines.

This provides a cost benefit to our customers, reduces waste and  to helps the environment.  An all round winning solution. For further information on how you can benefit, please contact us at  




Lewmax - The programming company with a powerful difference

Lewmax Programming is one of the largest device programming centres in Europe. For over 20 years, we've been a trusted partner to many within the electronics industry. We program devices from over 40 manufacturers and we have a key focus towards offering a fast, flexible service.

Some of our most popular services are:

Do you have a Microchip device or similar, with a programming requirement?

Why not give Lewmax the opportunity to provide you with a quotation? We're a cost-effective solution, with a strong UK based technical support team to guide you along the way.

Looking for something more specific? Our flexibility makes us stand out!

We've put considerable investment into creating a service that offers the highest possible quality and we utilise industry standard BPM machinery.

We provide a custom programming service. So, If you're looking for a specific programming service, call today and speak to our technical team. Our extensive technical expertise allows us to build specialist 'in-house-designed' programming machines, to help with your custom requirements and we're morethen happy to run through your ideas to see if we can help provide a solution.

Additionally, we offer many specific services including: custom designed conductive carrier tape, for items such as switches and connectors.

*At Lewmax, we program and fully test each device twice.

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