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Programming Services

Want to know more about Lewmax Programming Ltd?

Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

Lewmax has been established for almost 20 years.

The company evolved from ARIZONA TECHNOLOGIES, who brought MICROCHIP to the UK.

What we do.

These days, Lewmax has grown to become a leading provider of domestic and international device programming and other value added services.

Our clients look to us for reliable, intelligent and timely solutions for all their requirements such as: Device Programming, Tape & Reeling, Laser marking, Laser Ablation, Baking & Drypacking.

Lewmax also 'build' bespoke solutions for requirements such as customised tape carriers, making us much more than just a programming centre of excellence. We're a provider of true value added solutions to the global electronics industry.

Our people.

We believe that our success is the by-product of placing strong emphasis towards the training of our staff and not just the technical and quality aspects - we help them to understand the time constraints that most of our customers are subject to.

It helps us to add more value when you need us to adjust our schedule to meet your requirements.

Some key areas of focus for us are:

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