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New Programming Modules Aquired - April 2016

Lewmax have invested in additional programming modules for their BP4710 workhorse programming machines. These additions double the programing speeds, increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time for customer orders.

(Posted: Friday 01 April, 2016)

New BP4710 7th Generation Programmer Installed - April 2015

Lewmax are pleased to announce their investment in the BPM 4710 7th generation programmer that increases output by 12 million devices per annum, to meet our continued customer demands. Designed for todays MCU's with their longer programming times, this 7th generation universal programmer can program up to 1400 devices per hour and uses FX4(TM)high capacity socket modules for high capacity and throughput. Proven Technology As part of our most successful line of device programming equipment, the 4710 universal automated system offers some of the highest throughput of any automated system on the market at 1,400 devices per hour, capable of programming up to 44 devices in parallel. It uses our unique on-the-fly laser vision alignment, which offers quality handling and no throughput penalty unlike fixed-camera systems. Certified Device Support Our team of device support engineers works with over 190 semiconductor manufacturers to add certified algorithms daily to BPWin software so that you have the support you need. This system currently supports more than 40,000 devices. Designed for high-density microcontrollers and their longer programming times, but versatile enough to program FPGAs, PLDs, flash memory and more, the 4710 is truly one of the best programming solutions available. FX4 Technology FX4™ socket module technology with the release of our 7th Generation product line, which increases the number of programming sockets per site from one to four. This means that with FX4 socket modules you get four times the throughput for your memory and microcontroller devices. The 7th Generation product line also gives you the option of using any standard socket module or high-speed FX™ socket module.

(Posted: Wednesday 15 April, 2015)

New Bowl Feeder Installed - March 2015

A new commission Bowl feeder vibration machine has been installed to allow faster taping of loose components.

(Posted: Thursday 12 March, 2015)

4 New Sites Added October 2014

Lewmax are pleased to announce the addition of 4 sites to their BP4610 programming machine. The benefit is increased capacity and programming speeds.

(Posted: Monday 20 October, 2014)

New 'AP10' Automated Programming Machine Installed July 2014

The 'APO' series machines are Lewmax 'own custom built' programmers affording leading edge technology using manufacturer supplied algorithms. The addition increases Lewmax programming output by a further 4.5 million units per annum to satisfy our customers increased demand for their programming services.

(Posted: Monday 14 July, 2014)


Lewmax are now manufacturing 'tape carriers' in house. In addition to regular tape, we are able to provide customers with bespoke tape carriers to fit almost any device they wish to have taped. It doesn't even need to be an electronic device.

We can tape springs, transformers. cable, screws, plastic devices or any manner of thing, and supply you your product on reels for use on your auto insert machines.

Saves you manufacturing time, labour costs, increases efficiency and saves money!

Contact us now, and see how we can help you/


(Posted: Friday 13 September, 2013)

New Programming Machines February 2013

Lewmax are pleased to announce the purchase of the latest generation 'BPM2710' automated programmers. The new programmers will be installed and commissioned in early March 2013.

The purchase more than doubles the output of our existing 'AP' machines to further reduce turnaround times for customers' programming requirements.


(Posted: Thursday 21 February, 2013)


Lewmax have invested in additional programming sites for their workhouse BPM4610 - doubling the output capacity.

Customers will immediately see the benefit with even faster turnaround times for their orders.

(Posted: Sunday 08 July, 2012)

New Machine Addition Tape & Reeling up to 7200 devices per hour, with Vision Recognition - March 2011

Lewmax have purchased a Systemation ST595-2 Automatic tape/reel  machine with 3D lead inspection.

The ST 595-2 offers high speed - up to 7200 units per hour - throughput, extremely quick package changeover, and accommodation of the industry's newest, ultra-small packages. Both products are optimized to be integrated with industry-leading vision inspection systems.

New semiconductor products, being introduced today provide a breadth of application versatility, including high-speed gravity-fed systems, tubes, and tray-stack modules. Graphical interfaces provide visually-based instruction to operators or technicians, ensuring faster error recovery and maximum uptime. Systems that lower the cost of ownership

These systems represent a new definition of the state of the art. We asked customers for input regarding what product features would improve productivity and throughput. The ST595-2 represent our answer to that list.

At the top of every service provider's wish list was features to minimize operator intervention and speed recovery time, With these units, we're seeing intervention incidents drop by an order of magnitude - in some cases, to one-eighth the rate previously experienced - with a commensurate reduction in down time while jams are cleared. For Lewmax customers, the ST595-2 will  truly deliver a lower cost of ownership.

The ST 595-2 is RVSI Systemation's newest automated tray-to-tape machine. It provides safe, fast, and reliable handling of devices with a complete range of vision inspections. The ST 595-2 can handle any component in JEDEC-style trays such as QFP, TSOP, BGA, or CSP (tray or waffle pack).

The standard ST 595-2 is equipped with a tray stack module that holds up to 20 JEDEC or EIAJ trays. Also standard are high-speed linear motor drives each with two pick-and-place vacuum heads that can reach speeds up to 6,000 units per hour, depending on component type, size, and vision inspection criteria. All pick-and-place heads are capable of rotating in 90(0) increments to ensure that the device is in the proper orientation before placement into carrier tape. Z-axis programmability provides quick set-up and changeover.

The first pick-and-place head removes two components simultaneously and places them on a vision inspection nest. The AVS-4000H vision inspection system then inspects both devices for lead quality, mark nomenclature, and orientation. The second pick-and-place head removes the components from the vision nest and places good components into carrier tape. Rejected components are placed into any user-defined reject trays.

The AVS-4000H high-resolution vision module provides measurement of lead coplanarity, span, sweep, and pitch, offset, standoff and average plane inspections. An optional PVI vision system can be added to check for package quality such as chips, cracks, voids, etc.

The ST 595-2 is controlled by an industrial quality CPU that features an easy to use interface for operation, set up and diagnostics.



(Posted: Monday 28 March, 2011)

Lewmax Acquire New Production Facility - January 2011

Lewmax are delighted to announce the acquisition of an 11,000 sq ft production facility in Leicester, making them arguably the largest programming production facility in Europe.

Migration from the existing plant to the new premises at Meridian Business Park will take place over the next 2 months.

The move underlines Transonics PLC's  investment in Lewmax, and furthers their plans for the continued rapid expansion to accommodate new customers in the UK and the company's expanding operations in Europe.

The move will benefit existing customers with enhanced  production turnaround  times and value-added services.

(Posted: Friday 14 January, 2011)

New Bespoke Computer System Installed - January 2011

Lewmax are delighted to announce the successful installation of their new 'K2' manufacturing software.

'We searched for software that would provide our customers and company with exactly what we wanted, also future proof and fully customizable,  but there wasn't anything out there that came close!' said  Brown, Lewmax Commercial Director.

The decision was then taken to use Lewmax parent company Transonics PLC 'in house'  IT department to a write bespoke software suit  and, after a year of development and testing the system is 'live' and now controls Lewmax entire operation. 

But it wont stop there as 'K2' will continue to be enhanced and evolve as Lewmax customers requirements change with the global markets.

Customers will start to see the benefits of 'K2'  immediately..

(Posted: Monday 10 January, 2011)

Lewmax Appoints Commercial Director - June 2010

Bob Brown has been appointed Commercial Director at Lewmax. Bob's 15 years in the Electronics industry brings a wealth of experience to enhance the companies efficiencies for the benefit of our customers.

(Posted: Monday 14 June, 2010)

New BP Microsystems 4600 Machine Purchase December 2009

Lewmax are delighted to announce the purchase of a new BPM Microsystems '4610'  'workhorse' programming, laser marking and tape/reeling machine.

The $300K+ machine is set for installation in January 2010 and increases  production output by a further 10 million programmed units per annum.


Pick and Place System
Handler Throughput:
1200 DPH
Component Processing Range:
6-pin TSOC to 240-pin QFP
Laser Alignment:
component range - 8-pin SOIC to 160- pin AFP,
minimum pitch 0.025" (.635mm)
Placement Accuracy:
± 0.0024" (0.06mm)
Placement Repeatability:
± 0.0012" (0.03mm)
Placement Force:
60-600 grams positional control

Self Test:
power supplies, CPUs, memory, X,Y, Z, motion systems,
spindle run out and height, vacuum system

Positioning System
X-Y Drive System:
high-performance stepper motor-driven precision belt
X-Y Encoder Type:
linear optical scale
X-Y Axis Resolution:
0.0002” (0.0050mm)
Z Drive System: high-performance stepper motor driven lead screw
Placement Accuracy:
90µ@ 4 sigmas, 67µ@ 3 sigmas
Z Axis Resolution:
± 0.001" (0.025mm)
Z Axis Repeatability:
± 0.0015" (0.038mm)
Theta Drive System:
precision stepper motor-driven anti-backlash
twin gear assembly
Theta Axis Resolution:
Theta Axis Repeatability:

Vision System
CyberOptics Laser Align system
Component location resolution:
1 micron

File Type:
binary, Intel, JEDEC, Motorola, POF, straight hex,
hex-space, Tekhex, Extended Tekhex, and others; automatic file type recognition
Device Commands:
blank, check sum, compare, options, program,test, verify, secure, continuity, ID check, erase
graphic display or job status, JobMaster™ control software, data editor, revision history, session logging, on-line help, deviceand algorithm information

BPM Microsystems is arguably the 'Rolls Royce'  of programming machines and the forefront of  device programming technology. This purchase compliments Lewmax already formidable line up of programming capabilities and value added services.


(Posted: Monday 21 December, 2009)

Machine Addition Sept 2009

Lewmax have added two new TM50 Auto Tape / Reeling Machines to compliment their existing machines increasing output by up to 1.5 million tape devices per month.

(Posted: Wednesday 09 September, 2009)

New Laser System June 2009

Lewmax are pleased to announce the installation of their new laser system.  Capable of ablation in addition to that of  standard laser marking, the laser developed over 2 years and utilising the latest EF technology, has a maximum marking speed of 10,000 mm/sec.

Additional features are:-

Fast file transfer to the laser
Multiple file import formats
Bar codes
Two dimensional codes including Data Matrix
Automatic serialisation
Date coding
Fill editor
Motion control (4 Axis)
Multiple I/O interface

The new laser compliments the existing laser system.

(Posted: Friday 05 June, 2009)

Lewmax appoints European Business Manager April 2009

Mike Ward has recently been appointed as European Business Manager at LEWMAX PROGRAMMING LIMITED based at its headquarters in Rothley, Leicestershire. Mike joins Lewmax following a successful 9 year career with ST Microelectronics. He has over 15 years experience in the semiconductor industry and a strong profile and background gained in distribution and manufacturing.

(Posted: Monday 06 April, 2009)

New Programming Machine Dec 2008

Lewmax are pleased to announce the commissioning of their latest  'AP07'  Device Programming Machine.

The  'APO' series machines are Lewmax 'own custom built' programmers affording leading edge technology using manufacturer supplied algorithms. The addition increases Lewmax programming output by a further 4.5 million units per annum to cope with companies increased demand for their programming services.

(Posted: Friday 12 December, 2008)

Purchase acquisition of Lewmax Programming November 2006

The board and directors of Transonics Plc, the London based franchised electronic components distributor, is pleased to announce that it has completed the purchase of 100% shareholding of 'LEWMAX PROGRAMMING LTD', one of the largest microcontroller programming and component services centres in Europe.

The aquisition serves to strengthen the Company's valued added services offering and to further support  it's UK, European and Asian customers through it's international offices in the Microcontroller markets.

(Posted: Wednesday 01 November, 2006)


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