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Lewmax programming

Programming Services


Setting the 'benchmark'  with equipment investment, bespoke solutions and world class capabilities, Lewmax  are a part of the largest programming center in the UK  - by a 'country mile.'

All devices are programmed  with silicon manufacturer approved algorithms using both industry standard hardware in addition to our own 'bespoke' programming machines, that enables to us program pretty much any type or shape component device.

In the ever changing word of electronics manufacturing, it is important that the highest standards of quality are maintained.  Every device entering Lewmax is recorded, documented and programmed to these exacting standards our customers have come to expect, and our competitors are still trying to achieve.

Some of the Manufacturers supported by Lewmax

actel, altera, amd, atmel, catalyst, cypress, dallas, echelon, eon, fairchild, freescale, fujitsu, harris, hitachi, hynix, infineon technologies, intel, lattice, macronix, microchip, mitsubishi electric, motorola, national, nec, phillips, renesas, samsung scenix, signetics, spansion, sst, stm, texas instruments, toshiba vantis, winbond, xicor, xilinx, zilog




We employ laser systems utilizing the very latest technologies which can mark any semiconductor package or other device at a rate of up to 5,000 parts per hour.  Our laser marking can accommodate pretty much any size font in addition to any graphics required.

With the ability to completely 'ablate' a device (remove all traces of the devices original part number/ manufacturer code etc) and then laser etch your own bespoke part number / graphics or combination of both.

We provide laser services as a stand alone service as well as to programming and laser services.

For more information please contact us with your specific requirements.



Lewmax   have  the experience and range of equipment  to satisfy virtually any taping and reeling requirement. Using 'industry standard' automatic taping machines as well as our own 'custom built' machines we offer an unrivalled service that can tape almost any type of device shape - even those totally obscure from the semiconductor industry.

With our extensive knowledge we utilise standard and customised vibration machines, tape feeders, tape carriers and integrated vision recognition systems, allowing us to orientate devices and place them in carrier tape 'pockets' with exact precision. This benefits customers with cost effective solutions solving some of the more complicated taping requirements with 100% inspection and documentation complying to standard EIA481-C.

We can tape devices supplied to us loose, in trays, reeled or in tubes, be they switches, transformers, plastic clips springs -pretty much anything. 






Our moisture baking service ensures devices do not suffer defects during the soldering process. We can bake parts to specific customer instructions however industry standard times / temperatures range from 6 hrs 125deg C to 24 hrs at 125 deg C.  Our baking procedures complies to 8 levels of moisture sensitivity in accordance with JEDEC standard J-STD-033A


Coupled with our Baking service, we will seal product in a military specification Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB) together with moisture absorbent desiccant and a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC). The HIC measures the latent moisture within the bag which is used as a quality check when the bag is re-opened prior to the parts being used.

Our MBB's meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • EIA 541, EIA583 and MIL-PRF-81705D Type I, Class 1.
  • Desiccant meets the requirements of EIA Std. 583 and MILD-3464, Type I and II.
  • Our HIC cards meet the requirements of MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II.

In addition

  • Manufacturer dry bag conditions are recorded.
  • Devices are re-sealed in vacuum packed hermetically sealed moisture barrier bags with humidity indicator card and the required unit of desiccant.
  • The total exposure time & level are recorded on the bag.
  • Lewmax production area is air-conditioned and humidity monitored  to maintain the correct environment for your devices.


In addition to building our own programming machines, Lewmax are the only programming centre that designs, supports and builds their own  range of socket adapters & modules  to fit any ZIF socket based programming platform. We use our adaptors for our own programming requirements and, using our expertise in this field, we offer our adaptors & modules for sale to enable customers to program the complete range of package styles available for the PIC and other microcontroller device families. Our adaptors and modules are available from us directly or through our distributor



Lewmax  purchase consumable products directly from manufacturers.

Using our parent company's Asian offices and significant purchasing power, we not only benefit customers with cost effective quality tape & reeling requirements coupled to our programming services, but additionally offer these consumables directly to our customers bringing them additional cost savings. We offer

Carrier Tape, Cover tape, Reel halves, Moisture barrier bags, Desiccant, Humidity indicator cards, Device labels, package labels and Waffle trays.



Proud to be based in Britain.     
TS16949 compliant