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Lewmax programming

Programming Services

Tape & Reeling. Loose, in Traus, reeled or in tubes... Switches, transformers, plastic clips, or springs - we do pretty much everything!

Whatever you need, our team has the solution.

We know that flexibility is important to you. That's why at Lewmax, we continuously look to improve and advance our range od service offerings. Because of our passion for service, we've gained a wealth of experience and range of equipment to satisfy virtually any taping and reeling requirement.

Using 'industry standard' automatic taping machines as well as our own 'custom built' machines we offer an unrivalled service that can tape almost any type of device shape - even those totally obscure from the semiconductor industry.

We operate with standard and customised vibration machines, tape feeders, tape carriers and integrated vision recognition systems, allowing us to orientate devices and place them in carrier tape 'pockets' with exact precision.

Added benefit - ask us how we can help!

Our fast, reliable service benefits customers with a cost effective solution, solving some of the more complicated taping requirements and with 100% inspection and documentation complying to standard EIA481-C, Lewmax programming.

Devices supplied to us loose, can be taped, supplied in trays, reeled or in tubes - be they switches, transformers, plastic clips springs - we pretty much do anything. Call 0845 519 3838 today or find out more about our custom carrier tape services!

Proud to be based in Britain.     
TS16949 compliant