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How long is it before your design is copied? Ask about our unique Laser Ablation Service

Protect your device.

With our laser ablation service, it's easier than you might think to remove the identification of the key components within your design. Our service allows you to completely 'ablate' a device (remove all traces of the devices original part number/ manufacturer code etc.)

Additionally, our laser marking systems utilise the very latest technologies and can mark your preferred text or graphics to any semiconductor package or other device. Many of our customers use this service to create bespoke part numbers.

Did you know? We laser mark much more than electronic components...

If you have a requirement, it would be great if you could contact us - we would love to show you how we can help!


We generate our labels using industry standard printing systems which can incorporate any size font, together with a company logo, or even copyright information.

Ink Marking

When a device is too small to accommodate a label, it can be laser marked or paint marked with consistency in quality, position and size of the mark. Find out more, or get a quote today by calling us on 0845 519 3838.

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